New Distribution Capabilities, Next Generation Retailing

The right offer, to the right customer at the right time - no exceptions.

Brand Awareness

Uniquely engage customers with offers and education in the most transparent marketplace. Qualified travelers, corporate and leisure avoiding large advertising marketplaces that don't deliver.


Realtime, data-driven offers target based on behavior, preferences and holistic footprint. Maximize yield by better meeting current supply with demand generation tools in the Hummingbird marketplace

SME Segment Solved

Provide a platform that solves their problems and yours. Clear view of performance from an otherwise elusive segment. Analytics that will empower smarter marketing to drive share.

Additional Benefits at a Glance

Speed to Market

Accurate, real-time intelligence about your target market allowing better adaptation to an ever changing marketplace.

Personalized Offers

Personalized Offers No more "Pricing Game." Lever Hummingbird data to make offers that resonate with your customers' individual needs.

Market Segmentation

Better understand how groups of customers behave through data to allow for smarter positioning within your offering.

Dealing Platform

We bring buyer and supplier together through up to the minute data. MIDT / PRISM no more.

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